Violin and Fitness

I'm an African American violinist and also really fit. I love lifting heavy weights and conditioning exercises. However, taking care of my body is how I can continue to play the violin for others. People have said I'm too buff to be a violinist. Too much muscle is harmful to your playing. I laugh because those people don't realize that lifting weights and strengthening my body enabled me to recover from the severe pain I experienced when playing the violin.

The more I embraced being a violinist, the more I began to share. I started posting videos of myself playing the violin, whether it was swinging upside down at the park or sharing helpful stretches. I felt that my work was pushing the envelope and thinking outside the box. I made videos to show my creativity yet determination to make an impact. One day I decided to create a video of myself playing violin upside down from the monkey bars. The next day, some random person called me a racial slur in the comment section of the video. I was livid that day yet further motivated to share.

I wanted to show the world my voice and hoped to inspire someone to feel comfortable being themselves. 

These photos represent me. They show that I'm comfortable in my own skin and that I am a violinist regardless of a person's perception of one.  I never imagined doing a photo shoot or looking this way ever. I hope someone is inspired to be themselves. Musicians come in all shapes, sizes, and skin color. Be encouraged and be yourself. Never give up and challenge yourself. Also, take care of your body and stretch!

I'm a fit black violinist who uses music to help others. I also play in Jails for inmates, patients in Hospice and Hospitals, residents in Nursing Homes and Assisted-Living, and Church. So let's do our best as musicians to use our time and talents to make a positive impact in the community. 

Thank you for all the continued support and encouragement! You can view the rest of the photos from the following link: