Student Absences (academic Year – Sept. through June)

Please let me know as soon as possible if you need to miss or reschedule your lesson for any reason (sickness, sports, family events, traffic, work, school events, funerals.) You will have an opportunity for a make up lesson for the first three student absences of the academic year. I recommend you save them for when you really need them! Details are as follows:

First Three Student Absences (academic year Sept. – June) - As long as you notify me 24 hours before your appointed lesson time, we can reschedule a make up lesson at a mutually agreeable time. Once we agree on a make up lesson time, regular attendance policy stands. If we can’t find an appropriate make-up lesson time, I will offer a lesson credit towards the following month.

Absences Beyond the First Three Student Absences - Lessons missed after the first three student absences of the academic year will be forfeited with no make up or lesson credit.

No Call-No Show - If you miss a scheduled lesson without notifying me in advance of your appointed lesson time, the lesson will be forfeited with no make up or lesson credit.

Consistent lesson attendance is crucial to student success.


Holidays and Teacher Absences

You will not pay for any lesson that I have designated as a holiday week. I will give you a calendar of which days are designated lesson days and holidays. I will occasionally need to miss a lesson due to professional performance opportunities, family obligations, and/or sickness. If I miss a lesson, we will reschedule to a mutually agreeable time. If we cannot reschedule, I will adjust your balance or offer a lesson credit for the following month. Once we both agree on a rescheduled lesson time, regular attendance policy stands.

Payment for Regularly Scheduled Lessons

Tuition is due at the first lesson of each month. Please make your check out to Healing Strings Studio. You are responsible for paying for all available scheduled lessons for each month. If you wish to discontinue your lessons, you need to finish out the month you have paid for and let me know at least a week in advance of your last paid lesson. There are no refunds.

Late Payments

Payments (cash/check) are due at the first lesson of each month. Please remember to bring your payment. There is a late fee of $10 per week for every week that you are late on your lesson payment. I will waive this fee only one time the entire school year. Please be timely about your payments.


I will construct the schedule for the academic year in August. Your lesson time will remain the same from September through June. If you require a schedule change in the middle of the academic year, I will try to accommodate your request but I cannot promise that I will have another space available. Please make an effort to schedule other activities around your lesson time.

Instruments and Supplies

There are many places to find violins and violin supplies. If you are ready to buy or rent a new violin, please let me know and we will talk about what you should be looking for. It is important to rent or purchase an instrument from a reputable dealer. Reputable websites for supplies, books, violin purchase/rental: · IU · Shar Music - · Johnson Strings -

For local violin rental/purchase: Beginner/Intermediate · Music and Arts – 301-262-5950, Bowie, MD Intermediate/Advanced · Gailes Violin Shop Inc- (301) 474-4300, College Park, MD · IU


I expect students to practice five times a week. Length of practice varies depending upon student age and level. Consistent practice is necessary for growth and improvement! Please encourage your child to practice! Learning the violin is a team effort and requires your participation/support. Your child may resist practicing even if he or she truly enjoys the violin. The mental exercise of practice is not always as attractive as playing with friends, video games or television. Here are ways that you can support your child in practice:

  • Show your child that practicing is a priority by planning a daily practice time and sticking to it (without interruptions.)
  • Show enthusiasm for the violin, practicing, and listening to music.
  • Give praise often!
  • Be present for practice time whenever possible. This is an awesome opportunity for quality time with your child.
  • Incorporate a game or fun task for making practice more appealing to very young students. Ask me for more information about practicing games if you are in need of any ideas.